Fostering a Swissy

So, you want to foster a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?

Fill out the Foster-Caregiver Profile Form and send it to:

GSMD Rescue Foundation
c/o Pat Saxon
19010 70th Avenue East Bradenton, FL 34211

Or, if you'd rather, fill out this electronic form and it will be sent immediately to GSMDRF!

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Although Rescue tries to pay all bills directly to the vet, fosters may be asked to pay a vet bill and will be reimbursed. Are you willing to do this if necessary?
All dogs are spayed/neutered, brought up to date on shots and microchipped at rescue's expense prior to placement. Are you willing to have a foster that may require surgery while in your care?
Where will the dog be during the day? Where will it sleep at night?
Have you ever owned a Swissy? If so how many?
Are you interested in:
Would you consider a special needs dog?
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